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          Custom Design


           PYW ELEC. custom power supplies are used in a wide range of industrial, commercial and industrial applications including security industrial,telecommunications, smart home,  industrial automation, battery charging, LED and so on.

          PYW ELEC. excels at custom power supply design and manufacturing. We specialize in meeting your most unusual requirements: hard-to-meet electrical specs, unusual features or form factors, very long life or extreme operating temperature ranges, or whatever you can throw at us. Try us!

          We aims to provide its customers with reliable power supply designs that have been specially configured to meet their needs, taking into consideration their constraints of time scale and price. Our aim is to provide you with a prototype power supply that meets your needs – and exceeds your expectations.

          We aim to continue to impress with competitive pricing in production and in our ability to meet tight timescales and respond quickly to changes in your demand.

          Our Power Supply can often prove a more cost-effective solution in the long run.

          Our designs are future-proofed against obsolescence and the adverse effects of extended leadtimes for key components, and our Engineering Department are always available to provide ongoing technical support throughout your product’s life cycle.

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